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Barking Dog Graphics is owned and operated by Ben and Abby Andersen.

Ben has over fourteen years of website design experience and a diploma in website design. He has extensive experience with HTML, CSS, Jade, SASS, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, video editing, audio creation, and 3d world creation as well as a solid understanding of computers inside and out. He has also been a musician for over twenty nine years with plenty of recording, sound, promotion, and booking experience.

Abby holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix and works along side Ben as a design consultant. As copy editor she effectively proof reads the content on the websites they create. Together they can assist small businesses, musicians and entertainers, and anyone looking to build the perfect website.

About Barking Dog Graphics

Our Mission

Barking Dog Graphics is committed to providing professional websites at affordable prices to the small business owner and individual, using only the latest computer technology and tools that web development and Internet marketing have to offer to establish an online presence, and increase customer sales and productivity.

Our Vision

Barking Dog Graphic's vision is to become a leading designer by providing superior web development services to small businesses and individuals throughout the world.

The values of the company set the stage for the business conduct within the company. Barking Dog Graphic's mission and vision statement focus on the desire to build professional, quality websites at affordable prices to assist the small business owner and individual in establishing an online presence that will help to increase sales and improve productivity. The values support the strategic direction of the company by defining general standards of behavior. Barking Dog Graphics recognizes five values that keep the focus where it belongs during the design process. These values include communication, collaboration, customers, quality, and navigation.

  1. Communication: Communication is vital to the design process. We believe effective communication with our clients will result in website design success.

  2. Collaboration: Because our clients are worldwide we make special efforts to work with each individual to ensure we find the best solution to his or her problem.

  3. Customers: Small business owners and individual customers are the reason we are in business. Customer satisfaction is top priority when designing websites. We do our best to meet the needs of any customer through fair and honest practices.

  4. Quality: Quality is our norm. We believe our customers deserve a professional quality website that integrates the needs of everyone.

  5. Navigation: We believe websites built around a good structure enable easy navigation. This is a necessity for visitors searching for specific information and effective search engine optimization.

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